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Study Habits for Success: Tips for Students

The key to being effective with your studying and having successful results isn’t about how hard you study but how smart you study. While some people manage to just pass through every course without any problems, these are just the exceptions.

The most important thing in this situation is to develop and apply some simple yet effective study habits that will truly help you increase your performance as well as your grades.

  • Plan When You Will be Studying

When it comes to studying, organization is very important. If you wish to become successful, you need to have particular days during the week when you will focus on studying and nothing else. If you just study whenever you find some time and you do not fully concentrate, you will not be able to have a good result and you will end up getting tired and uninterested.

Even if you have finally caught up with all your studies, it’s good to always revise what you learnt to make sure that you don’t ruin your study plan and you make sure you know all that you learnt well. Try sticking to your plan no matter what comes up and you’ll come to find that your brain will get used to this routine and you’ll end up concentrating easier and easier each time.

  • Start With Subject that you Consider the Most Difficult

This is a tip that you should always follow when it comes to studying. Whether you have a very difficult assignment or a very difficult subject to study for, you should always start with that. Students oftentimes leave the difficult subjects for last as they don’t think they’ll be able to concentrate on them first. This is a huge mistake.

The most difficult subjects are the ones that require the most mental energy and by starting with them you make sure that you are well concentrated and able to memorize everything easier. As soon as the difficult subject is done, you will feel a lot more relieved and you’ll want to go on to the easier subjects since they’ll be less mentally exhausting.

  • Don’t Study the Night Before an Exam

If you find that you often run all-nighters before an exam comes up, then you definitely know it’s time for a change. Cramming all the studying you should have done right before the exam will not help you in any way. It will just end up making you more stressed and more likely to fail. Successful students who space out their studying during the semester will only use the night before the exam to do a quick revision and to get as much rest as possible so that their heads are clear and ready to take on any possible question.

Keep Trying and Results will Come

So, if you want to become a successful student, the most important thing is to not get discourages and to always give it your best. Don’t give up when a difficulty comes up. Do your best to make these habits a part of your daily life and study routine and you are bound to see your grades go up and your overall ability to focus and memorize improve.


9 Things Every College Student Should Own

Whether you believe you truly are well-equipped or not, there will always be something on the internet that you definitely wish you owned.

These are some of the things every college student should have either with them on in their dorm room always!

  • A Portable Power Bank

If you are a college student, you definitely know firsthand how running from one lecture to the other all day usually leaves your phone battery dead. Tackle this problem by getting a portable power bank. Look for one that offers more than one USB ports, so your friends can charge their phones at the same time too.

  • An Instant Noodle Cooker

It is common knowledge that the number one food most college students live off of are instant noodles. Up your game and get an instant noodle cooker so you don’t have to wait until your water boils. You can simply stick it in the microwave and have your noodles ready in a matter of minutes.

  • A Single Serve Coffee Maker

Coffee is one of the most important things in any college student’s life. It has gotten us through exams, essays and countless movie marathons and parties. So, get yourself a single serve coffee maker so that you don’t drink more than you should but so that you never run out of this magical elixir either!

  • An External Hard Drive

The number one thing you’ll come to find as a college student is that you will have to be writing essays and making presentations all the time. Keep everything you need stored in an external hard drive, so that even if something happens to your laptop, you have all your files safe.

  • A Robotic Vacuum

Having a robotic vacuum inside your dorm room will simply make your life easier as you will barely need to clean after yourself. On top of that, robotic vacuums are just cool, so why not get one and make things a little simpler.

  • A Water Bottle with a Filter

If you are like any other college student, your dorm room is probably filled with plastic bottles at the moment. Apart from them being expensive, plastic is an ingredient that’s very harmful for the planet. Make things easier for both your and our home by getting a filtered water bottle that you will be able to refill at any fountain or sink, and have filtered and safe to drink water in just seconds!

  • A Pair of Noise Cancelling Headphones

Any student knows that living in a dorm and having a roommate can really be a difficult thing. It’s really hard to concentrate on studying when your roomie wants to watch Netflix all day. In order to save yourself from this trouble, get yourself a pair of good noise cancelling headphones and study to your heart’s content.

  • A Small Projector

Having a good, small projector inside your dorm room will truly make you the center of attention. Everyone will want to come to your dorm room to watch movies. Just make sure that the projector you get is also compatible with your phone or laptop so you can use it in any and every occasion!

  • A Fan Heater

One of the toughest things about living in a dorm is not being allowed to bring an air conditioner with you. A fan heater is just the best thing to have all year round as you will be able to use it both during the hot summer days and when it gets very cold in the winter!


My First Week as a College Freshman

College can be one of the best and scariest experiences you will ever have. Graduating high school and looking into your options as far as college is concerned can be stressful and tiring, I know it was for me. However, once all the shenanigans of getting accepted are out of the way, the true test begins – being a freshman student.

People joke about how you can easily spot freshmen on campus because they look lost and disoriented. I’m here to tell you how to avoid that and actually keep a straight head during your first days as a college student.

Finding my way around campus

Depending on where you decide to study, your college may or may not have a campus attached to it. A campus represents a collection of buildings and services that are specifically designed for student needs. You can find student dorms, cafeterias, libraries and college lecture buildings on a campus. My own campus was difficult to navigate at first because I moved to my dorm from a small town where everyone basically knew everyone else.

Pro tip: Find or create a map of your campus and memorize important routes and names of important buildings.

Creating a schedule

Since I graduated high school only months prior to my acceptance into college, I was shocked by the amount of lectures and hours I had to put into every subject. I immediately knew that ad hoc learning won’t do so I got a notebook for scheduling purposes.

Some people prefer smartphones and apps but I decided to be old fashioned and keep track of all of my obligations. The notebook quickly grew and became a permanent part of my backpack since I put all of my college and side activities into it.

Pro tip: Find a scheduling system for your obligations as soon as possible. You will be surprised by the amount of work you will have to put in as a freshman, so don’t let the start go to waste.

Lectures & first impressions

If you plan on dazzling your professors during the first week with your smarts or high school grades, don’t bother. While I gave my best to introduce myself to each professor separately, I was preceded and followed by many colleagues who did the same. Professors will memorize you and your colleagues with time, so don’t feel bad about being forgotten at first. Focus on getting to grips with each subject and pay attention to every lecture in your first week.

Pro tip: First lectures are reserved for get-to-know activities and semester overviews – pay close attention to the requirements of each professor and their subjects.


My first week as a college student was stressful and frightening – I didn’t know anyone coming into campus. Luckily, every class gets together as soon as they are formally introduced, meaning that I started making friends by the end of the first week.

Keep it together and don’t panic over college just yet. Freshman year can be the most difficult year of all because you are simply unprepared for the work and flow of everything. Take the semester one day at a time and do your best to be fair to everyone, your college staff and colleagues included.