Essay: Technology and Culture

In the next twenty years or less, broadcast television technology would most likely disappear. It would most likely be replaced by other more popular media like online shows. This technology refers to the transfer of signal through satellites to be able to broadcast different shows. Most of the time, it would be live. With the advent of current technological advancements, many alternative methods can be done to replace it. Anyone can show a live broadcast through online streaming. People can also watch their favorite shows by looking for a copy in the internet. Instead of flipping channels, individuals can now download or watch a streaming show live online. The costs of broadcasting television shows would soon be replaced by the mentioned alternatives. Although shows like morning news would still continue, the technology would be replaced by a cheaper alternative. This phenomenon would be supported by various technological advancements online.

In relation to the disappearance of broadcast television systems, home TV would be highly dependent on the internet in the next ten years. Through an online connection, millions of shows and live streams could be accessed by people all over the world with the click of a mouse or a highly advanced remote control. Individuals could also become part of the show. In the future, a lot of individuals would have their own channels online where they could show various interesting presentations. This phenomenon would change the focus of home TV. Instead of being centered on specific channels, it could be individual-centered as attention goes to people who uploads and streams video concepts. This idea is already evident in most viral posts today. Some of it contains people who take videos of themselves.