I’m a graduate student of Wellesley College and writing is my big passion. As soon as I entered college I realized I really wanted to start a blog but I never really had the chance until recently.

During my college years I came to find out how much I enjoyed organizing my studying and my space and helping those around me do the same. To a great extent, this is what I’m trying to achieve through this blog.

Educating people online is really a great thing. You have immediate access to knowledge from people just like you who are doing their best to create great content for their audience. Much like that, I’m trying my best to offer tips, tricks and my personal knowledge about college and my experience and I want to make sure I helped a student who needed some tips on a particular subject.

I personally love writing about my past college experiences and how I managed to use some situations to my advantage and learnt how to study and work more efficiently. As I keep on working on my academic career and expanding my knowledge, I learn more and more and I just love educating my audience more and more.

I am always very happy when I receive a comment or a message from a follower. Even if I have a busy schedule, replying to your comments and questions is always my top priority. I really enjoy seeing how people react to the content I upload and I love interacting with you.

Lastly, I would like to encourage you to send me any messages regarding any topics you would like me to cover. I always try to write about things that are relevant and useful but there is always a possibility that I might miss something you’d like me to write about. I’d be more than happy to do that, so feel free to contact me.

Thank you and I hope you keep enjoying my content!