Education Phylosophy

Am a student who is aspiring to be a teacher with various philosophical ideas that can help in changing the view of education by students and make it as enjoyable as possible. I also want to incorporate the love of studying in the process of sharing my big aspiration for learning with them. There is a significant need for tutors to be very dedicated in this career of teaching.

Firstly, for one to have focused and ready to learn students, I would advocate for frequent motivational and inspirational talks. It becomes a monotony to students attending classes as scheduled, at the end of the day many students don’t have goals and targets to achieve immediately they come out of school. Motivational speakers give them moral values and virtues that should be followed and for a successful study for more motivation see this “why go to college essay“.

There are several cases whereby I have seen students drop out of school because of petty reasons that could have been solved by a councilor. Immanuel Klant believed in the importance of the development of character and the teaching of moral values  I would personally bring speakers who are almost their ages and can create a good relationship. It is not all about the old people who come to preach, get paid and go.

Teaching young minds is a task that cannot be taken lightly. I firmly believe that all children are capable of learning. My fundamental concept to create the excellent and conducive environment for them to learn is to consider the classroom arrangement. I believe when students are in an organized classroom, and it is well set up it promotes the students in the learning process. Having creative ways of setting up the class, for example, mixing the performing and less performing students in seating positions, arranging the notorious students in the front seats to make them be attentive and get the concept while am teaching.

I firmly believe that each student has that ability to come up with a new idea that will benefit everyone. The main aim is to nurture such students and to think in their potentials. The scheme will be accomplished by helping them jointly to express their opinions and ideas. John Stuart Mill who is the philosopher behind defence of free speech. He defended things like books and ideas that were being banned by the government. After his fight, students can also publish and sell their ideas that have contributed to an invention of many things. Hence, my target will be pushing and archiving the ideas till they get reliable information for use. I believe that helping students create respect and self-love to themselves and others will create open sharing of ideas and be disciplined in everything they do.

I think it is vital to support special abilities of students because they are unique God-given. A philosopher by the name Plato insisted that people are born with skills that make them unique from others. Moreover, learning and teaching are reciprocated, in that, a teacher can learn from a student because they do lots of reaches and from there they learn beyond what their teachers can deliver.

The mutual relationship creates a professional academic bar that makes students feel to be on the equal academic ground with their teachers. The reciprocation will also encourage teachers to make an alliance with their colleagues that will help in sharing of ideas amongst themselves hence the development of craft and deliverance of best education.

However, I have learned that one needs to be patient and not take teaching faculty so lightly. Sometimes one can be frustrated and get various challenges due to pressure from students. Some teachers with ascents and physical abnormalities fall to be victims of the latter. The teachers get nicknames and even being teased openly by the students. Hence, it is essential to be ready for such and doesn’t give room for that.

When all these are avoided, teaching turns out to be the most exciting and full of excitement. I can avoid out normal life stress by cracking jokes with students and life continues as usual. They have significantly assisted me to open my heart and mind joys and diversity of ideas in the world.

Personally, in future am aspiring to have independently bred students who have discovered their full potential. It is possible through the practice of group work.  Some students find it hard to understand concepts during the class hours, and they fear to consult the teacher or even ask questions during the lesson. After division for discussions during free time, it becomes easier because when a student assists a fellow student, it changes the attitude and makes things to be more straightforward than before.

During my attachment, the first cat the students performed poorly, and it gave me a wake up to come up with new ideas that could help in making a change. Formation of groups for assignments and topics for discussion was one of the philosophies used. During the second cat, the issues set were from the same tasks and there was an excellent performance.

In conclusion, I can promise to commit with my students to be their role model, academic leader and friendly throughout my career. It is my work to give the best learning environment and required materials for excellent performance. My target is to produce honest, diligent and well-groomed students who will serve the coming generation with the acquired virtues.