Social Anxiety

How to Deal with Social Anxiety

This article from Huffington Post shows a video that gives us various ways of dealing with social anxiety. It brought up a question: “is it that big of a deal?”

Apparently, there are a lot of people who suffer from this phenomenon and for many, it is too much to overcome. That’s why we put together this article through which we hope to help those in need. If you want to know how to deal with it take a look below.

How worse can it get?

Before we see how to ameliorate it, let’s find out what happens if we let social anxiety to get to us. BBC tells us that 10% of us suffer at least one panic attack in our lifetime. If you feel your heart pounding, you start to sweat, and your breathing becomes erratic, then you most probably are going through one.

Don’t be scared because they are harmless as they are just our bodies trying to overcome the ‘fight or flight’ mode. Let’s see what we can do to keep them at bay.

Recognize it and face it

You need to understand that you are affected by social anxiety. Understand its symptoms and try to overcome them, step by step. After this, face it head-on. Many people avoid facing their fears but you must do it if you want to get rid of social anxiety. Write a list of the reasons that make you anxious and rank them. After this, take them one by one, starting with the least scary thing.

Try to relax

You heard about This article shows us ways in which we can relax in uncomfortable situations. Meditation and yoga are common methods used by anxious people to alleviate uneasy feelings.

If you feel that your muscles start to stiffen up, try to keep your whole body contracted and tight for about 3 seconds. Three such repetitions will eliminate the tension from your body.

Breathing techniques

Don’t let your panic get the best of you. If you experience difficulties in breathing, try to focus on this process. Start by inhaling deeply for 5-6 seconds and follow a deep breath with your mind until it reaches the pit of your stomach. Focus only on the air passing through you as you let it out, slowly, for another 6 seconds. Repeat it until you have calmed down.

Pump yourself up with music

One of the numerous benefits that we can extract from music is motivation. When you have to take part in a social gathering that gives you unpleasant feelings, take out your phone and find a song that lifts you up. Play it as you are driving to this event and it will increase your confidence.

Remove bad thoughts

You have to change something within you so that you can deal with social anxiety. When you are in the midst of it all, try to observe the thoughts that run through your mind. It is more than likely to find some that really have no business being there. Quit making everything about you or making a catastrophe from every little thing. It will be okay.

Instead, try to incorporate some positive thinking into your mindset. Think about your progress and remember that every failure is a step forward.

The Bottom Line

Social anxiety is no joke. While going to a therapist is a worthy solution, you can try these things first. You are your best observer, just stop and take a deep breath. Figure out what’s wrong and act accordingly. You will see that it’s not that bad after all.