How to study with INTENSE focus

You already heard about those people that possess high focus, right? We are not talking about the fire-breathers or anything of the sort. Not in this case. Instead, we are talking about successful people that manage to get from point A to point B strictly by staying focused during their study period. Do you want to get a glimpse behind the curtain and see how they do it? Then please, keep on reading.

Try spacing out

This one is pretty counter-intuitive, we know. According to the BBC, letting your mind wander is not decreasing your focus. On the contrary, it seems to be an important step in keeping your brain’s functions to work properly.

Our mind spends almost half of our waking moments daydreaming. This fact had experts conclude that zoning out is a crucial part of our brain’s activity. There are two types of daydreaming, apparently; the one that you start voluntarily and its counterpart. If you can, try to daydream during recaps or any similar task; it will help.

List your program

The Independent advises keeping a strict schedule during your studying. This, combined with a must-do list will keep your eyes on the prize for sure. This list will not just set your goals for the day, but you can also see what must be done and what can be spared in order to save time.

Cut down the white noise is a trustworthy site that recommends keeping the right study environment. This means that you might have to take some drastic measures in order to eliminate the unnecessary fluff from your day.

Ideally, the hours that you allocate to study must be kept just for studying and nothing else. For this, eliminate anything except for your table, your chair, and your required study materials.

Try locking them down

Since we brushed on the subject of distractions, let’s not be evasive. We are talking about your phone, your audio player or your TV. Take the remote, the phone and the MP3 player, lock them in your closet and give the key to a trustworthy individual that must give it back to you when the studying is complete.

Train your willpower

It often happens that when you finally get down to it and open up the book, a thought pops into your head. It suddenly develops, gaining roots until it reaches a fully grown distraction.

We spoke about how the involuntary daydreaming is the one that you must avoid. As soon as such thoughts take birth and have no relation to studying, become aware of them and let them go. Then, get back to your work.

Follow on the spider’s footsteps

Maybe you’ve noticed that when you touch a spider’s web, it immediately shows up to check it out. Do it for a few times and it will soon realize that it’s not worth the trouble, preferring to stay put instead. This is what you should do with the distractions. They bring you no actual benefit, so ignore them.

Focused and concentrated?

Another tip from Planet of Success is to get a piece of paper and write “Focused and concentrated?” on it. Stick this card somewhere close by while being permanently within your viewing range. It is supposed to act as an anchor to keep you on the spot and motivated until your work is done.

Final Thoughts

There are many excuses used for getting up and leaving work behind for a little while. Be it a Facebook notification or a desperate need for cleaning, we all experienced something similar. Try to use some of these tips and your focus will increase.